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“Global (or customizable default) setting for the insert loop in the routing menu. I have my H90 set up with a stereo loop, and it feels a bit repetitive to have to set mono loop 1, mono loop 2 until they’re stereo and then move to the desired spot in the signal path.”

If this is the feature under consideration, I’d call this a minor quality of life improvement.

I too run a stereo loop all the time.  I see how the suggestion would make things a bit easier when creating programs from scratch.  But I almost always create new programs by modifying existing programs.  That way, insert settings, most footswitch settings, and some hotknob settings are already set to my default choices.

I use the ^ symbol as an apostrophe. It’s ok, but I’d like to see some more special characters for naming.  Somewhat relatedly,it’s nice that I can highlight/copy/paste (with a mouse) program names (using Windows 10).  But I can’t highlight/copy/paste preset names.