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Is the Feedback Freeze function supposed to go into self-oscillation, like a delay would? It seems to for me, and I was expecting more of a hold kind of freeze, like the Blackhole Plugin, or the Adrian Utley Space video a while back. What I’m getting swells into a mess relatively quickly. It’s probably user error, but am I missing something? The manual is sadly inadequate about the feedback freeze function. Any help would be appreciated.

That sounds more like an INFINITE (INF) setting.  It is very close in proximity to FREEZE, so it’s easy to map to INF inadvertently.

Bottom Line:

  • INF leaves your input connected to layer each next note on top of one other.
  • FREEZE re-routes your input away from the engine, and sustains whatever note / chord / buffer at the moment of capture.
  • You can continue to play your ‘dry’ input over the top of the FREEZE tone.

Here is a snip from the Space 4.0x Release Notes that goes into more details: