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thanks for these very good suggestions… Tried 3 different cables, no difference. But then I hooked up ProTools with a midi interface and enabled send midi clock to midi interface, and connected that to the H9. (midi out mac -> midi in on H9) The activity led on the midi interface flickers very quickly when I press play, indicating that midi clock is being sent. (i checked the right ports etc.)

Still no luck. Then I decided to connect the H9 through USB to ProTools, and choose the H9 directly as the midi output for midi clock. Now it synced immediately… As you said, the display shows the incoming clock tempo. Good to see that, at least I now know what it looks like when it works.

But for some reason it doesn’t want to sync to the midi input, only to USB And that baffles me, because I cannot find any other settings which can control this.

So, a lot wiser, but still not a working system…