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It’s a cool effect in synths, especially with one-shot or X number of cycles.  It is easier, though, to derive a trigger from a key press than it is from audio.  As awesome & deep as the C4 is, it is geared for a singular purpose: convert audio to create a synth and control its parameters.

So is the PolySynth algorithm, for that matter, but its envelope follower can’t be re-routed to reset a tremolo’s LFO.  (Although … it can be used as a ‘tremolo’ over the oscillators, and it does have the same LFO Retrig Performance Parameter).

I did think of another possibility to try out, though.  Harmadillo’s Env Depth just might simulate the LFO reset, if configured as a ‘normal’ tremolo.  Plenty of waveshapes to choose from, so the current phase position of the LFO cycle should be easier to pick up on.