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… then you’ll realize you can use all those LFOs, sequencers, etc. to modulate your H90 parameters and you might never leave home again. 🙂

… and the long-suppressed ZOIA lust returns.  Actually, I’m happy to see all of these external options emerging in a smaller footprint.  Mounting a Beebo to the ‘board sure beats lugging around an ancient MPX-1, strictly for its MIDI processing capability.

Here is the original concept I mentioned earlier as a work-in-progress.  The H90 is pictured, but you can use the same setup in an H9Max or ModFactor.  I have BRAKE/SPEED latched/saved to SLOW.   In many cases, it’s easier to dial in Rates / Mod Rate by shifting the usable ranges downward.

0 Tremolo ENV Trigger

I’m abandoning the Harmadillo approach.  It doesn’t appear that Env Depth resets the LFO phase on envelope trigger, even when eliminating the main Depth control influence.  But re-discovering the sheer variety of available LFO waveforms there has me off exploring in another direction.