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Thanks for responding and sorry for the delayed response.

The FW is the most recent, 5.whatever.

I am using the HotSwitch. When trying to assign it, I’m holding the HS down and turning the knob to “feedback frz”.

Haven’t tried 3, but I will.

I’ve noticed that some factory presets the freeze function works, others it does the weird issue I’ve been describing.

Also, it never sounds as smooth as, say, the Adrian Utley video here :


I’m no Ade, but I’m no slouch either. I’m using a near-identical guitar and not-dissimilar amp as him. Not exclusively, but I’m a huge nerd and fan of Adrian’s so naturally I had to try to replicate the sounds of this video first, at least as a reference point to start from.

That may be that I need to adjust other parameters alongside using freeze though? It tends to sound short and a bit glitchy, whether I hold the HS down or give it a quick click into freeze.

I’m determined to sort this out! No offense, but I tend to use a logidy EPSi for most reverb- pretty tough to beat good IRs. That said, it doesn’t do reeeeeeeeally long decay (though 6 seconds is usually more than enough) nor hold/freeze. As convolution reverbs tend to be, it’s not very adjustable either. Space sounds really good, though, and can do a few things the EPSi doesn’t. Obviously, just based on the video linked above, it can be made to sound amazing. I just need some help sorting it out. One thing it isn’t is intuitive, for me at least.