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… When trying to assign it, I’m holding the HS down and turning the knob to “feedback frz”…

While this can be done on the pedal itself, it can be easier to navigate & see exactly what you’re doing using the Eventide Device Manager app.


… I’ve noticed that some factory presets the freeze function works, others it does the weird issue I’ve been describing. …

I’ve found that – at least with the H9 – HotSwitch assignments can be stubbornly persistent in the Factory presets.  I have had better luck making a copy of the preset, stripping out the  HotSwitch mappings, and saving it as a new preset.  There were times when I needed to do that several times to ‘unstick / stick’ the  old / new assignments.

…Also, it never sounds as smooth as, say, the Adrian Utley video here …

He does engage the HotSwitch a split-second after picking a note, to ‘capture’ the FREEZE at a high point in the reverb’s decay cycle (which is key).  If you have the room for it, an expression pedal can be the smoothest option.  Continuous control from some level of decay – through freezing it – and back again for the ‘fadeout’.  But technique goes a long way for HotSwitch-ing in & out of FREEZE.

… at least as a reference point to start from. That may be that I need to adjust other parameters alongside using freeze though? It tends to sound short and a bit glitchy, whether I hold the HS down or give it a quick click into freeze…

Well, GIGO.  You are capturing a slice of the reverb, not your input signal.  If you trigger too soon, and that moment in time grabs part of your pick attack, then you will freeze some of those inharmonic partials.  Trigger too late, and you’ll grab a weaker part of the reverb decay, which may / may not be modulating on the fade.  Or sound a little metallic in its final decay.

It’s an especially important point if you’re using something with pre-delay,  Blackhole anti-Gravity or Reverse Reverb.  You need to adjust your footswitching technique to capture a strong portion of the reverb.  Meaning you have to hesitate a bit before engaging the HotSwitch.

…I’m determined to sort this out! … That said, it doesn’t do reeeeeeeeally long decay (though 6 seconds is usually more than enough) nor hold/freeze …

Yes, 50-100 seconds in Space can often seem like a freeze parameter in its own right.

Space sounds really good, though … it can be made to sound amazing. I just need some help sorting it out. One thing it isn’t is intuitive, for me at least.

Maybe not so helpful at this point, but I went down a real rabbit hole with all of the freeze variations in the H9 in the past.  I’ve posted many, many examples on this forum in a visual tutorial format , and most of those will apply to the Space algorithms.