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… It seems like I should be able to do this with the DLYMIX setting, and that at 0 both outputs should be receiving contribution from delay A, but instead DLYMIX just pans from full output in left side to full output on right. Is this just because of the ping pong algorithm? I basically want to keep the stereo effect but have all the settings controlled by just delay A’s parameters, it that makes sense! Have both inputs and outputs connected with ts cables – am I missing something?…

It may be that you happened to pick the ONE algorithm that runs both delays in series.

For example, Delay A = 1/8, and Delay B = 1/4.  With Pitch Mix at A10-B0, you’ll hear the 1/8th note delay.  With Pitch Mix=A0-B10, you’ll hear 1/8th PLUS the 1/4 delayed.  Feedback is going to cycle around the “3/8” combined length.

Another example of an ‘almost normal’ ping-pong effect:  Delay A = 1/8, and Delay B = 1/8.  With Pitch Mix centered at A10-B10, you’ll hear the 1/8th note delay pinging between channels.  Total Feedback cycle = 1/4.  Pitch Mix at A10-B0 = 1/8th note delay with a Feedback cycle 1/4.  Pitch Mix at A0-B10 = 1/4 delay with a 1/4 Feedback cycle.

Another unusual feature is the Filter control, set up as a mix control between dry delays & filtered delays.  I’m not sure all of this has answered your question, but Filter Pong has a unique routing when compared to the other H9 delay offerings.