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Are you using a factory Program or a custom program? Just for testing, I would use an INIT Program found on User 2 list and make sure Preset A is on Path 1 and Preset B is on Path 2. This is a blank Program designed to just let sound through. Can you hear a clean signal pass through? If not, the best thing to do is simplify your signal flow to narrow down the cause of the problem. I would bypass the GCX switcher, the Cry Baby, and the decimator. Plug the guitar straight into the H90 to see if you get signal going through the preamp and back into the H90; look at the input LED meters for signal on In1, In 3, and In 4. You should be seeing green lights. Once you determine everything is working properly with your preamp and amps, then you can begin to add other things between the guitar and the H90. Then add the decimator. It’s not uncommon for the problem to bad cables or improper connections.