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Let me tone this down a bit for you. As for the chromatic improvisor and Steve Vai’s student (you guys are going way to far for a $15 app, you want them basically to re-create for a few peoples specific concerns. Moog, Bleas (especially Bias Fx) fall short in 10 different ways I can call off the top of my head without a 2nd thought and I just purchased a few hundred dollars worth of theirs and eventides apps. I would’nt imagine contacting them and asking them to alter their software(for ios, no less) because the Ring modulator does not have a carrier wave that actually works, but is just a visual paameter to make you feel like it is there. Bias, dont even get me started, they would be re-creating half of thier stuff. There are more expensive, with more functions, apps in the app store, you can try them and see if they have what you need, since you already know this app does not, I am sure you realize they are actually not going to alter this for you, in this app and probably not in a future app. Look elsewhere, if that above is what you really,actually need. Try using the app in Cubasis, the way someone suggested using it in Aum, you wont have to use cheaper apps in there. So, you know(you probabaly already do, so dont be insulted, but in case you don’t know) you will have to find these other apps by tracking them down by opening one of them up in the app storee, scrolling to the bottom and you will see “you may also be interested in this” and then find 1 closest to the type and continue chasing it by opening 1 then scrolling to the botton of the page, picking the most expensive and closest app and go on…until you get up to the $30 and $40 apps and if they dont do it, you will have to do it yourselves.

Now, for us people who have no clue about this or any of the 5 other ios apps I just purchased from you, where are the user manuals. Please, dont tell me you want me to watch a video. That does nothing for me. I need a PDF in my library so I can go back and forth from 1 knob to another(yes, I am that simple on this). I hope you are not 1 of these app makers who thinks it is OK to not provide a User Manual for us simpletons. It seems to me about 1/3 of music app makers believe this but just look at Moog They give you a 45 page explanation of the app and explain what ring modulation is. Some of my Ios synths have 80 page manuals, some put the manuals right inside the app.

I am really expecting you guys to say No, we cant do that and Check out the videos, at least dont say you can findout about pitch shifting here, here or here. I know that. I want you to explain it from your angle along with how it works in your appa and how I can use it to make my own sounds and pre-sets because I dont buy them to use other peopes stuff.


Drop me a simple note at the e-mail you have for the jvf1 you have registered and just tell me flat out yes or no or we will have one on approximately this date, not some time in the future.