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I understand that the H90 is based around program. Which can be very effective when you use mainly the pedal has itself. But, with Midi i think it’s more limiting since you can program it to behave the same way with PC message. Is there a way or a plan to change preset independently like when you hit the preset button on the H90 and scroll throught all the algorithms? I should have read more before buying. It thought that the H90 could work like 2 H9. What i really want it to do is to while playing chose any preset without having to make a lot of programs for different situation. It ok if you got songs and all set. But it’s not fluid when jamming or improvising, the way i play and connect to music it’s more something i feel on the moment.

Also be able to control the inserts on/off via midi. I think this way it would make it an incredibly better pedal.

Is there a way that i missed ?