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I spent some more time with Quadravox this morning (and a few web searches) to see if I could figure out how/what/where/etc. the Quantization param does/doesn’t apply. And I still don’t get it. With D/minor selected, I get:


– when off, why the shifts between m3/M3? and why *those* shifts?
– when on, why a M2nd? as opposed to a 3rd?

Can someone on team Eventide give me Quadravox 101 tutorial regarding what to expect from the Quant param? (Maybe there’s a ‘Quadravox conversion chart’ laying around somewhere?) I’m just trying to anticipate what it can/can’t/will/won’t do.

Thanks in advance.

(ps – FTR, I’m not looking for a scale/mode/interval/etc. refresher. I’m on solid ground there.)