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Hi Tomasbilek,

I would like to have something like boost (pre/post) on tap to AUX switch, how to do it? I would like to either push algorithm (pre) or push valve amp (post?)

If I understand, you want to control a Preset’s Out Gain parameter so that when you press it it boosts the signal a few dB, is that correct?

1. Press the PARAMETERS button to enter the menu. Press the same button so that you are looking at the correct group of parameters. The top left of the display will show P for Program parameters, or A or B for the Preset parameters.

2. When you’ve chosen the correct group of parameters, let’s say for Preset A, the display will show groups of three parameters above the quick knobs. Use the SELECT knob to scroll to the second to last page where you’ll find “In Gain” and “Out Gain.” To program a boost, I guess, focus on the Out Gain.

3. Press and hold the quick knob under Out Gain. Set CTL Source to the “aux switch” and choose the number of the switch. If you don’t know that number, set the Ctl Source to “Learn” and press the switch, it will auto-detect.

4. On the same page you just made the assignment, use SELECT to go over to the next page where you’ll be able to map the “Start” (0.00 db) and “End” point (whatever you want to boost, say 3 dB). Press PERFORM to exit.

Now every time you hit the switch it’s going to toggle between 0 dB and 3 dB on the Preset’s output gain. Don’t forget to save your work. Watch this video for an overview of making similar assignments: https://youtu.be/5y14LwN9oAk?feature=shared&t=2888