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I would like to directly use “lopper” one button functionality (same as on perf switch) when looper algorithm is selected.

  1. Once you have a Program with the Looper as a preset, press the PERFORM knob. We’ll assume your looper is on Preset B.
  2. Press and hold the B LED button above the footswitch. You’ll enter the Performance Parameter Mapping menu.
  3. Under Parameter choose “1-Button Looper.” Under Ctl Source map a switch as shown above. Probably best to use a switch other than your boost switch.
  4. Press PERFORM to exit.

    Now you can use a switch to operate the 1-button looper the same way as if you had mapped the 1-button looper to the B assignment in PERFORM mode. You don’t even need to be in PERFORM mode once it’s mapped.