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H90 Release 1.8.5

Introducing 2 new algorithms — Aggravate & Sticky Tape

Aggravate is an octave fuzz inspired by famous classic analog octave fuzzes from the 70’s. This algorithm will satisfy all your fuzz needs with its versatile controls, rich feature set and most importantly, its chewy tone that makes playing through it addicting!

Sticky Tape is a new tape algorithm based on the same emulation technology as Head Space. It opens up a world of tape tone possibilities – all the character, grit, and modulation, without the complexity of a real tape machine.

Aggravate Features

  • Screaming fuzz tone with 3 voices – Thick: off, Thick: On and Thick: MoreOn which adds a rich low end to your signal
  • Octave is based on an ‘absolute value’ style octave meaning that it sounds much more organic than a pitch shifted octave up
  • Envelope follower to achieve some dirty Queens-like tone. The filter can go from positive to negative envelopes and has 2 shapes, linear and exponential
  • Pump controls allow you to duck your signal on rhythm via a rate or tempo knob OR you can manually pump your signal by assigning Pump to a performance switch or an external controller
  • Tone and mid controls for the fuzz
  • Bias control to make the fuzz more ‘spitty’, reminiscent of a dying battery on a classic fuzz pedal

Sticky Tape Features

  • One-knob compressor based on the compression section of DBX companders found in many tape machines
  • Two tape machines with an adjustable offset to get a wide range of doubling or slap back echo effects
  • 4 different tape speeds for a variety of tone and character
  • Wow and Flutter controls which can be used to create lo-fi detuning, subtle flanging, gooey chorus, or the extreme sounds of a machine that’s in desperate need of a tune-up
  • Flange performance parameters to get that classic, dramatic, studio style tape flange
  • Separate tunings of the algorithm for Bass and Guitar depending on the Instrument Type for best possible tone no matter the instrument

In addition, this release contains new software features and improvements:

Force Mono

  • Override jack-detection and output mono even when wired for stereo
  • Useful for patchbay setups or switching between mono & stereo rigs
  • Preserves stereo information as long as possible through H90 effects and inserts for all routing configurations
  • Found under System > I/O > Output Mode

Search by Favorites

  • ‘Favorites’ is now available as a filtering option in Programs and Presets modes
  • Use H90 Control to mark your Favorites, and then search by Favorites on the pedal

Other Improvements

  • Fixed an issue where meter LEDs had inconsistent brightness
  • Improve timing of internal MIDI bpm clock (for Looper in tempo sync)
  • Fixed a benign warning in H90 Control about missing Programs
  • Head Space tape noise reduced at lower settings
  • Allow Vintage Delay & Tape Echo algorithms to load without warping effect
  • Fixes issue with preset B when restoring from a backup