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Hi All,

I wonder if someone can help me as I am struggling to get my Mission SP-25L-PRO working with an Eventide H90. I have watched this video on the SP-H9 and Eventide H-90 using a TRS Y cable (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZpfqKINai4w). Just like in the video, on the TRS Y I plug tip into Exp 1 and Ring into Exp 2 just like in the video. The problem I have each time is that when I go into System Global => IO on the H90 and try to use Exp 1 and then SW14 the test fails. The sweep is fine but on the heel position the dot comes on. I get no dot with the footswitch at all and it doesn’t seem to be registering. Can I just check if anyone else has got the  footswitch on the SP-25L-PRO to work with the H90? If so can you give me some tips?