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I was hoping this would summon the Oracle Of Reverb @ndeshpande, for the inner workings of the algorithm.  You’ll have to settle for my experimental Program, and some speculation.  I held off  on blurting anything out before I had a chance to look deeper into it.

If a bit cryptic, I think the description below is accurate.  The part that may be ‘missing’ is that A/B Mix at A10+B10 is getting distributed equally to Reverb A & Reverb B (same mono signal for each), and then it gets split to a stereo image.

With stereo outputs, you may turn [A/B Mix] parameter fully clockwise for dual mono reverbs (A on left, B on right). A mono input will be sent to each reverb, while a stereo input will send input 1 to reverb A, and input 2 to reverb B.

With a strong center focus, but definitely information spread across the stereo field. Whether that’s by frequency, some (but not all) all-pass filters, black magic … I don’t know.

In the Dual Mono parameter setting, your input (mono) goes exclusively to the left / Reverb A, and effectively that same mono signal goes to the right Reverb B.  Panned reverbs, yes, but not exactly the same as two reverbs mixed together and spread to a stereo output.  On to lab testing …

Dual Mono Dual-DualVerb