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Dual Mono Dual-DualVerb


Insert Mode Program with two DualVerb instances side-by-side in Parallel.

  • Preset (A)A/B Mix at A10+B10 (Active default)
  • Preset (B)A/B Mix at Dual Mono (Bypass default)
  • Switch between Act/Byp for either Preset (or both Active).

To better hear the separated reverbs, I used 450 & 900 ms Pre Delays in both instances.

  • Defeat all Pre Delay with HS1.

I exaggerated the Tone A / B differences in each DualVerb instance to differentiate between reverbs.

  • Adjust Tone A / Tone B with (A) & (B) HotKnob.
  • HS2 sets all Tone controls to flat.

HS3 flips the Pre Delays in DualVerb-1, also setting it to Dual Mono.  Four 50 second reverbs to audition the wide separation.

(P) HotKnob adjusts Decay A & Decay B in both instances, from 0 ms – 50 S + INFINITE & FREEZE.

  • EXP1 is mapped to the (P) HotKnob above.
  • EXP2 is mapped to A/B Mix in both DualVerbs (saved at A10+B10).