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I’m using an RJM GT16 foot-controller to MIDI control all aspects of my rig, including calling up programs on the H90 and controlling various parameters with an expression pedal. Generally, it’s seamless and works like a charm.

However, I have a noise gate in the H90’s Insert #1, which I only want to use at certain times – invariably when I’ve switched to a high gain channel on my amp (but not, for example, when I’m on the clean channel).

So I set up MIDI CC10 to control the bypass/active state of Insert #1. But, it only acts as a momentary toggle – ie. whenever I send cc10=127 from the RJM GT16 Insert #1 will change state, whether that’s active > bypass, or bypass > active. What it isn’t is an ‘active / bypass’ selector – ie. for most MIDI controllable pedals, if you send cc10=0 (or whatever cc you’ve programmed) the pedal will switch to bypass, and if you send cc10=127 it switches to active. But not for the H90 inserts, it seems.

The reason it’s a problem for me is that right now the only option I have is to create duplicates of every Program – one with the noise gate in Insert #1, and one without. Which is a pain, partly because it’s extra work and complication, but also it means I’m eating up the H90’s memory by doubling up every program. Hence wanting to be able to simply send a CC to determine whether the noise gate / Insert #1 should or shouldn’t be active for any program.

Hope that’s clearer . Thanks.