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This could be caused by a few things… you haven’t mentioned your set up, aside from that this is in the effects loop of a guitar amp. There’s lots of variety in gain levels of amp effects loops, varying from brand to brand and even model to model. My first recommendation is that you check what level (instrument/-10 consumer line/+4 pro line) your effects loop is expecting, and setting the Time Factor’s instrument/line level switches accordingly. If your effects loop only operates at +4, that might require you to use line level shifters between your effects loop and time factor. Differences in wet and dry gain might be caused by hitting the front end of your Time Factor too hard.¬†Pages 16 and 18 of the Time Factor manual respectively cover setting input monitoring levels to help you probe that you’re hitting the analog inputs with too much volume, and using Input and Output swell. I think you could use the latter as a last resort to set your wet levels, given you set up your Time Factor correctly.