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Hi tbskoglund

Thanks for responding. So to clarify, let’s say I have a new project open and load an Eventide plugin. All is well for the session. I save the project and close the DAW. The next day I re open the project and I get messages saying “Cannot load omnipressor track 23”. So I click the option to ignore or skip (the only options that will allow the project to continue loading) The slot where the plugin was loaded on track 23 will then show the Omnipressor greyed out with an asterisk., as if I had turned it off. But I can’t turn it on because the DAW then tells me that the loading of  the plugin failed. I then have no choice other than to remove this plugin and re insert it. It now works normally but of course the setting I had is lost, unless I have saved the preset and reload that as well. I might have as many as 12 Eventide plugins in a project and this occurs for every instance of them. No fun. 😥

This happens with all my Eventide plugins. I have considered re instaling my DAW, thinking it may have become corrupted somehow, but this is a big job and I don’t even know if it will solve anything  as everything else works fine. Especially as prior to updating the Eventide plugins they all worked seamlessly.

Any thoughts would be extremely welcome

thank you