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Eventide Staff

Hello sigitar,

Activating PERFORM mode directly into the second page is not possible. However, it is possible to map globally PERFORM mode functions directly to MIDI CC#s. If you look at the global performance mapping chart, you’ll notice there are options for PERFORM 1, PERFORM 2…PERFORM 6. You are able to directly access those functions. In your case, “second page” parameters would be PERFORM 4 through 6.For clear instructions on how to do this, watch this (21:20): https://youtu.be/5y14LwN9oAk?t=1170&si=hJ9Z8dCXIer0LERC

It is also possible to map CC# to Performance parameters on a Program basis as described in this video: https://youtu.be/5y14LwN9oAk?t=1071&si=EP8PqTgK9Pid2WG9