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HUGE thanks to atarirob for posting the above!!!  I think I have alternate method based on atarirob’s work that some may find useful.  Below are the steps:

1. Install MIDIOX, Vsigfile, LoopMIDI and MIDIView.

2. Create a virtual port using LoopMIDI.

3. Open MIDIOX

a. From the View menu, open SysEx.  The “SysEx View and Scratchpad” window will open

b. From the SysEx menu in the “SysEx View and Scratchpad” window, select Configure.

c. Set the Low Level Input and Output buffers to 16.

d. Click the “Delay After F7” and “Auto-adjust Buffer Delays if necessary” so that both have checkmarks.

e. Click OK, the Configure window will close.

f.  Click the “Select MIDI Device to Open”, the Midi Devices window will open.

g. Enable the physical ports the DSP4000 is connected to on your MIDI interface by clicking on their names in the “MIDI Inputs” and “MIDI Outputs” lists.

h. Enable the virtual port created in step two from the ‘MIDI Outputs” window.

I. Click OK and the “MIDI Devices” window will close

4. Open Vsigfile.

a. From Vsigfile, click on the Preferences menu and select Comms Setup.  The Comms Preferences window will open.

b. Configure the Input by selecting the physical port the DSP4000 is connected to.

c. Configure the output by selecting the virtual port created in step two.

d. Click Ok and the Comms Preferences window will close.

7. Open MIDIView

a. Select the virtual port created in step two from the drop-down menu.

b. Click the Clear button to ensure no SysEx is displayed in the window.

8. Back to Vsigfile, open a file either by creating a new program OR by downloading a program from the DSP4000.

9. From the MIDI menu in Vsigfile, select Send.

10. From MIDIView, there should be a new line of SysEx.  Click on the line so it is selected and from the Edit menu, select “Copy Hex Data”.

11. From MIDIOX, the “SysEx View and Scratchpad” should still be open.  Paste the Sysex you copied in the previous step to the Command Window.

12. From the Command Window menu, click Send SysEx.

NOTE:  If Vsigfile reports an error similar to, “don’t know about an operator type ‘y’ ERROR- no operator of type y. Line 24” ALL IS NOT LOST!  As atarirob described, load another program in the DSP4000 then reload the Empty Program preset, then repeat step 12.  Repeat until the DSP400 accepts the transfer.

In summary, MIDIOX is used to slow the transfer to the DSP4000.  There is likely a way to streamline the process by using MIDIOX to perform the capture of the SysEx sent by Vsigfile.  The above may work with Vsigfile, but I have yet to test it.