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Right on, Adam’s videos are great! His videos on the 8000 are extremely useful. He’s a thoroughly entertaining guy.

I think there are a fair few 8000’s and Orvilles knocking about. I see them crop up fairly often in medium to large sized studios, but I strongly suspect that most of these beasts are relegated to the role of preset boxes unfortunately. Of course I hope I’m wrong!

I guess I should never say never in regards to Eventide releasing VSig’s source code, or somehow the community revitalising VSig for newer machines. After all, it was ported to OSX/MacOS by a single person around 10 years ago to some success I think.

I can attest that the H8000FW works flawlessly via both MIDI and RS232 Serial to USB (using a Belkin adapter) on a Windows 10 Pro x64 laptop. This is something I’ve never seen talked about online, but I reckon it’s really important. Streaming data via serial frees up the MIDI ports and is much faster than MIDI. It also allows you to have MIDI automated control of the H8000 whilst being able to freely tinker in VSig and making slight adjustments to your algorithm without conflict occuring with other software/hardware also sending/receiving data to and from the 8000.

I can count the times I’ve had errors on one hand, after 6 months of use. I suspect this has something to do with the fact that the H8000’s processor is probably somewhere in the range of 10x more powerful than that of the DSP4000 and thus doesn’t run into the same data overload issues. I never got around to trying the RS232 Serial to USB with the DSP4000 before I upgraded to the 8000, although as I’m typing this I’m reminded of that massive interview Aphex Twin did around the time his album ‘Syro’ was released where he said he tried exactly as I just described with his DSP4000 to no avail, so I’ll trust his conclusion there! If MIDI is finicky, I can only imagine that serial is the same or worse.