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Eventide Staff

Hi Mike,

Try going into iPhone’s bluetooth settings, selecting the pedal by pressing the “I” , and click on “Forget This Device.” Then, turn off bluetooth on the phone. On the pedal, reset bluetooth by pressing the three LED buttons below the display; this should display BLUOFF indicating bluetooth is off. Wait a few seconds and press them again; the blue LED should turn on indicating BT is on again. Turn BT on the phone on; the H9 serial/name should appear again and allow you to pair. If you still have issues, please contact support@eventide.com for more troubleshooting.

While I’m looking to reestablish the connection between the phone and pedal, if there is a less simple way to access the various algorithms and stock presets, I would be interested in hearing it.

From the front panel, it’s only possible to browse presets that are on the list currently. To access the preset library it’s necessary to use H9 Control. To browse algorithms, however, pressing the PRESETS button twice will show you the name of the current algorithm on the display. You can turn the encoder to select another algorithm. You may then proceed to edit the algorithm using the X,Y, Z buttons as normal.

I’m assuming this is because the previous owner ‘renamed’ it

Page 32 of the H9 manual explains how to rename the H9 as it would appear in your iPhone’s bluetooth settings.