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      Hi There – I've just purchased and installed the above today with mixed results.

      I'm on PT Mix +++ / OSX 10.3.9 / G4 867 dual 2 Gig Ram.

      some of the plugs are working perfectly – band delays, H910,H945, EQ45, EQ65, Instant Phaser, Flanger.

      Factory and Omnipressor show up in the plug-in drop-down but neither passes audio and Omnipressor seems to bring the system to a virtual halt.

      Reverb and Quadravox don't show up in the drop down list at all but exist in the plugins folder.

      I didn't expect Octovox or Ultrachannel to work on my system as per the specifications on the Eventide site.

      Am I being too ambitious with my set up?

      thanks in advance

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      Well Eventide support have been diligent and helpful in the extreme – thanks D. Factory is now working on my mix system. Reverb is incompatible with mix but hopefully shall have omnipressor working soon. For anyone reading this thinking of purchasing the Anthology, the filters, flangers, phasers and other Eventide-only effects are superlative and sound identical to the hardware (H3000) to my ears. And the aftersales support is very, very good.

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