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      I have a Timefactor and I just got a Space.

      with the TF, I have 6 banks I use and the sounds have been tailored – Mix levels, feedback, for playing at home. Whenever I go to my rehearsal space, the delays are too intense because I'm playing way louder.

      I know you can limit the amount of banks in the Menu utility but you only have the ability to limit the max number of banks, i.e 1-10, 1-50, etc.

      Is it possible Eventide can tweak the software so users can set the lower and upper limits of the banks? So I could choose 1-10, or 10-20.

      This way I could just duplicate my 1-6 banks and make them 10-16, the latter having the levels optimized for when I go to my rehearsal space, so all I have to do when going from home to studio and vice versa is enter into the Utility and change the banks I'm utilizing.

      Please tell me you can do this, Eventide.

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      How about an expression pedal set to control the output level, feedback or whatever you are adjusting every time?

      All the way up, max values. All the way down, min values.

      It doesn't have to be a big or expensive pedal. You can build one by yourself, is just a pot and a jack in whatever small box you can find.

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      That is a good idea! It surely would work as a temporary fix, but I'd still like Eventide to make a High and Low bank limit thing work.

      Please, Eventide; can you do this?

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