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      tom baxter

      hey guys 

      i was excited to see that there was an computer interface for the SPACE but it seems that i can't use this interface on my iPad as the SPACE doesn't have bluetooth

      this seems like a real oversight as you essentially want to be able to adjust your sounds through this interface software and yet you have to have the H9 pedal 

      will this be adapted to be used for the SPACE reverb pedal 

      can anyone help me?

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      Eventide Staff

      Sorry – the Bluetooth needs special hardware which Space does not have, and would be difficult and expensive to add. If you need BT, you need an H9.

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      What some Factor owners have been doing who want to control their Factor devices from an iPad is connecting their iPad to their Factor pedal via Apple's Camera Connection Kit.  A discussion of that came up earlier during the Space beta, and it is supported now:

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      tom baxter


      i don't quite understand how that works but i will have a look 

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