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      H90 (Dual Routing), Friedman IR-X, MIDI Interface (Motu M4), AUX 3 footswitch, iPad (Loopy Pro)

      I would like to have H90 send PC changes to IR-X as well as CC to my iPad via (Audio Interface or USB) using an AUX switch to control Loopy Pro.

      Is this possible?

      I seem to be able to control one or the other but not both.

      Also when connected to H90 control via USB the aux switch does not seem to send MIDI at all.

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      The H90’s MIDI transmit function only works on the DIN MIDI output. It cannot transmit MIDI CC messages via USB.

      You can be connected to H90 Control via USB and transmit MIDI CC on the DIN MIDI output.

      Let me know if that helps.

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