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      Hi, i’ve an H9 max and a modfactor. Both are updated to the latest version and H9 control app is also updated.

      I’m using the recommended bluetooth adapter (kensington) to connect my H9 to my pc and  a usb cable to connect my modfactor.

      When i boot both devices, wait a few seconds and boot up the application, the modfactor is getting recognized but the H9 doesnt.

      I have to disconnect modfactor, start the application so it finds the H9 and then close the app, reconnect modfactor and restart the app.

      Only after this annoying ritual i get both devices to be shown in the app. It seems to be working only if the H9 is found as the first device.

      Am i doing something wrong? is this a bug? This is really annoying!


      Other than that, the app controls both devices just fine. 

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