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       If the TF has the potential to perform certain functions and it is only a matter of programming (not only but a matter, i know yall work hard) then how possible is it to get these issues addressed.

      – Allow the foot switches to output MIDI in play mode not just in bank mode. Have the programable. 

      – Have the foot switches capable of outputting transport (START/STOP) info. 

       – Have the loop slave properly to incoming MIDI clock, so that loops can be in time with external devices.

      it doesn't sound as good and isn't as awsome, but check out the electro harmonix 16 second delay. the TF should be able to have MIDI implimentation as simple as this, the TF goes beyond but misses this basic stuff. 

       laptop/hardwear peaople are waiting for something like this, i now many a performer looking at the TF and shuttering for this reason.

      – in loop mode: change the clear loop comand from being "ho;d down center and left switch" to being when rec and play are both active, press play this starts a new loop recording. now it just toggles between record and play, or it starts the loop over…. maybe im not being clear. but starting the loop over isnt that usefull and the only switch needed to go from play to rec mode should be (at first loop "play") but after that the rec button. does this make sense.

      is there a source code an editor i could use to mess around with my own device?

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       Hi Augustin,

      Thank you for the informative and helpful post!  The reason we included the ability to upgrade our Stompboxes is so requests like yours can be implemented in future updates.

      The updates we have released so far have been largely based on customer requests, including sending the Feedback control to 110% for self-oscillation, and doubling the amount of space for saving Presets. 

      We are currently working on the next release which will address many of these MIDI requests. Your Clear Loop suggestion has been added to the list of feature requests.

      At this time there is no source code editor for the Stompboxes, although there is one available for our rack processors (VSIG.)

      We appreciate your input and please be assured that we are listening!


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