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       I've just gotten the latest firmware (2.0.3), and checked that, still, the looper does not allow seamless loops.  There is an audible glitch when the loop resets.  In the meantime, I've been using the Timefactor in Digital Delay mode, which gives me 2 parallel loops / delays of up to 3 seconds, and I'm liking that quite a lot.

      However,  what I've noticed is that if I set the feedback to 100%, the sound will not loop forever, rather it will slowly fade.  I've set the filter to 0, so I assume that is not the problem.  At 101% it still fades.  At 102% it fades, but bass frequencies will start to dominate build up in the loop.

      Note that I can't use the "hold" switch, as I am using both the left and right channels as separate delays.

      I'll also take this moment to say that I don't like being able to set the feedback above 100% on digital delay mode.  This is a digital delay, not an analog delay emulation.  What I want is to be able to crank the knob all the way to the right and be at 100%.  Instead I have to fuss with it until it is exactly where I want (yes, I can use a footpedal for this, but I need to be able to control the A/B channels separately)

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       The fade at 100% also occurs in Vintage Mode. It's kinda annoying, because I use it for sustaining chords, and fading doesn't fit in to well – I want it to fade when I tell it to.

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      Early on, when the very 1st update was posted,

      I posted a suggestion asking for an option

      that allows toggling between

      Max Fdbk = 100, or Max Fdbk = 110.

      But maybe it's not possible to implement?

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       Depending on your situation, you could use the PDL aux switch function for this – say you have one patch you want to oscillate, then you set the PDL function like you set for an expression pedal and have feedback at 110, so that as long as you hold down the button, Fdbk goes to 110. Say on another patch you want Fdbk to go to 100, then you set the PDL function to 100. Is that the sort of thing you wanted/meant?

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      I have issues with the looping feature of this pedal also, but it sounds so good overall that I've decided to keep it and just use one of my Line6 delays if I need a loop until, hopefully, Eventide straightens it out. My biggest gripe with the looper is the inability to reverse a loop, which is how I generally use loops on sessions.

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