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      Hey guys… proud owner of a timefactor & modfactor.  I don't use a ton of modulation sounds, so my modfactor has been sitting on the shelf for a while.  But I pulled it out yesterday & started to set up some presets.  I was really bummed about some of the sounds I'm getting… It seems that on a lot of the effects there is noticible distortion added when the modfactor is engaged.  I'm not clipping the input, nor the output, and it's not a buffer issue (I don't think) because my timefactor is after my modfactor & I leave it's buffer on… so it's not like turning the modfactor on is boosting the signal to my amp & causing some overdrive.  It seem to notice it more when the effects are on really thick.  For example… take the Q wah (I'm using it with an expression pedal).  I literally can't get a low thick wah sound because it distorts & sounds like junk in the low end of the sweep.  I'm not sure if the boost to the EQ is causing digital clipping somewhere in the pedal, or if this is just the nature of a digitally emulated effect.  I don't know…. I'm not trying to rail on the modfactor here… I think the effects sound great if it weren't for this clipping issue.

      Anyone have any ideas?

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      It's not normal for ModFactor to add distortion. Could you describe your exact setup?

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      I am having the exact same problem.  I have a two channel amp head with two separate inputs.  The first input is my clean channel, which the Modfactor sounds great with.  Nice clarity and warmth with my Les Paul and Telecaster.  My second input is my overdrive channel, which is a stock Marshall overdrive, nothing heinous, and I cannot get ANY of the patches, stock patches, to sound good at all.  It sounds like the distortion is choking on itself.  I get no clarity.  As it sweeps thru the low end of the effect, it distorts.  On the high sweep of the effect, it has such low fidelity,  it is totally unacceptable.  Mind you, all I have is the Modfactor in my effect chain.  Any thoughts?

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      Hi Brashhh,

      Couple of things to try…

      1. Try the FX loop if your amp has one

      2. If you still want / need to plug it into te front of your amp make sure the switches on the back are on instrument level and not Line level

      it sounds like you are adding distortion ot the modulation and this may or may not have desirable results.

      some modulation sounds better if you modulate the distorted tone as opposed to distort the modulated tone.

      there is no right or wrong way to do it, just what works for you. I prefer my modfactor POST distortion in the FX Loop.



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      did you solve your clipping problem at last?

      I have the same issues, can't get undistorted sounds out of the mf…



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