Does MixingLink have true line (+4) output?

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      I am looking for a battery-operated preamp that will take a mic-level signal from a Shure SM58 and output a true (+4) line-level signal for our 6-way mic splitter. My exhaustive (and exhausting) Google searches led me to the Eventide MixingLink. Reading the specs though, I can’t tell if the MixingLink will work or not. I can find plenty of line-to-mic attenuators, and plenty of preamps that use regular power or phantom power, but nothing battery-powered. I’m starting to suspect such a device does not exist.

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      Hi Buck,

      Yes, the MXLNK mic-pre can on run on a 9Vbattery and generate a true +4 line level.

      The only caveat is, when running on battery power, phantom power can't be used.

      hope this helps.

      joe waltz

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