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      I am trying to emulate the “Galaxy Borders” preset from the DSP7000 Unit using Anthology Suite Plugs. As seen here: https://youtu.be/tVzltQd6-Nw?t=96

      Any idea what algorithms were used, and how ?

      It seems to use delay, reverse (or volume ramp?), pitch, and reverb.

      I  came fairly close  using H949, quadravox, and black hole.  I found H949 has reverse, but does’nt have a long enough delay time to repeat in the same way.

      Currently trying to patch a delay with volume ramp modulation on H3000 factory but havent worked it out. 

      That hardware sounds so damn nice.

      Release the secret sauce!




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      from the manual : EQ > reverse shifters(10 sec) > verb.


      That explains it.


      OK, Eventide, “Reverse Shifter”  VST required!  When??



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      It seems Soundtoys offers this in their Crystallizer plug in.. I don’t quite know how or why this effect would be left to anyone other than Eventide to provide in the Anthology X bundle (that I own).  


      Answers please Eventide!

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      Eventide Staff


      Yes, that's a great sounding preset. Unfortunately, given the limitations of the reverse delaly in H949, getting the needed reverse delay length and sound is currently not possible with Eventide plugins. Taking a look at the Galaxy Borders preset, the routing of that algorithm is also not possible to create with multiple plugins. I will note that the reverb structure of the algorithm seems to be closer to that of UltraReverb than Blackhole.

      We do read and consider all feature and product requests, but I can't comment on the likelihood of a plugin or set of plugins which could recreate this effect at this time.



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