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      I just bought the Harmonizer H9 – having issues trying to get started with it. I am not sure if I am missing something here, but I can't seem to get the H9 up and running. Power on the unit – all buttons are lit and screen displays "K_SW3" the ONLY thing I can seem to do is to press the knob button and while pressed it will show" K_ENCD" – however switches back to "K_SW3" when I let go.. As per manual I have tried factory reset AND factory restore. 

      Nothing seems to get me passed this – and I can't seem to find anything online. Anyone have an ideas?



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      Sounds like one of the foot switches is stick down… Do they all click on / off ok?

      i guess you will have to contact the shop where you bought it or support@eventide.com 

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      It doesn't seem like one is stuck in. I've contacted the shop and will be getting a replacement. Thanks for your help.

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