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      Good night,


      I’m having problems updating my Time Factor from version 2.4.x to the latest. Basically, everything seems to be working fine during the upgrade process, the software can recognize the device, i can select the firmware version, the eprom erase completes fine and then it starts to write the new firmware. While the copy process is more or less at 5 % an error occurs and on the pedal display appears the word:”BAD” for a couple of seconds. The error message on the Update Utility says:”Failed updating device. TF-16432. Please reboot your device and try updating again”.

      I’ve tried a million times to do the update again while pressing the middle switch at start up but the same problem occurs.

      I sent a lot of emails to eventide support, hope that they reply as fast as soon because i have a lot of gigs on the weekend.

      The serial number is TF-16432.


      Celso Natal

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      Eventide Staff


      I’ve responded to your support ticket and we can continue troubleshooting your issue there.

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      Oh, nice!! So dou you see my last mail answering?

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      You told that have another way to update. I could try this way that you told. I’m ready for whatever you need to do!

Viewing 3 reply threads
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