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      Having some issues dialing up a good panner where heel=hard left and toe=hard right.  Tried with TremoloPan, for some reason it wasn’t happening.

      Ideally it would be a clean signal panned, but I’ll use whatever algo if it allows pan control.  Any ideas?


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      Here’s one way to do it.  PITCH MIX holds an unusual position in this effect routing.  The downside is that’s there’s a short processing time [running through the delays] that will impact your clean tone.  100% wet MIX; everything else at neutral or minimal values.  KEY and SCALE don’t matter with PITCH values at UNISON.

      Map PITCH MIX to the expression pedal at A10+B0 for heel, and A0+B10 at full toe.  The image above shows the expression pedal parked at mid-throw [equal levels out to left & right].

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