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      I Just bought a Modfactor and plan on picking up a Timefactor in a few days. Having problems accessing different sounds on the fly already. Is midi the way to go to access different patches and still be able to tweak them like in play mode, or will everything stay in bank mode? If so would it be easier to just buy switches on not go through the hassel of programming a midi board?

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      I am in the same boat. I

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      Eventide Staff

      Obviously there are many options here. One is to use some kind of MIDI board, but you may (and apparently do) consider this an over-complex approach.

      A simpler alternative is to use an AUX switch to go through the presets – then you can keep the unit in play mode. We use Digitech FS300.

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      If I use an external switch for switching presets, would a 2 swich be sufficiant if the unit stays in play mode and then attach some sort of expression pedal likd a EB Volume Jr. Is there any wiring that needs to be done to particular pedal to be used as an expression pedal?

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