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      I own a Timefactor and I am experiencing what seems to be a common problem – slight bumps will cause the unit to lose power and reset.

      What is the current Eventide advice?

      I was also experiencing other problems (that I can not recreate now). The first problem was that the unit would turn on with no delay. One would have to change patches to make it work. It wasn't starting in bypass, the led for the patch was on, it just made no delay.

      Another problem was that presets were being changed somehow. I would change to a preset and it would have no delay on it. Typically, either the mix or the delay time had been turned to 0. This saved itself into the patch. I would change patches and come back, and it would be set at zero still. I thought this was very weird.

      Has anyone else experienced those problems? I haven't gotten those problems in the last week or so, but it scares me that they could come back because I don't know what caused them.

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      It sounds like the power jack has become intermittent and may need to be replace. Please send an email to support@eventide.com and they will help you in this matter.

      As for the other problems it sounds like the preset was saved with Mix turned all the way down. Support will be able to help you with this as well.

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