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      Hi Folks,

      Apologies if this is an old chestnut, but I can't find a definitive answer anywhere. I have a Mod Factor & Time Factor. Both are using the V3 firmware. When I connect to either pedal using the Factorlib (both on WinXP & on Win7), the 'Load from Midi' function uploads only 1 preset, generically named Preset 1.1. Despite the fact that there are 90-odd presets loaded on the boxes, and the fact that the screen shows the pedal scrolling through each preset whilst the loading phase is carried out.

      Is this a problem with Factorlib and the new firware, or is it an XP/Win7 problem? Before the  V3 update, I was able to load the presets via XP – but not now.

      It is a pain because moving patches around individually on the pedals is really time-consuming.

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      Eventide Staff

      It is indeed an old chestnut. It's been covered numerous times on this forum, but since the search tools are not very good we can't blame you for not finding it.

      The current version of FactorLib does not support V3 (or Space) – it was written prior to preset name support, and not surprisingly fails to anticipate this. A new version is imminent, but has already been somewhat delayed (apologies). Should be this month.

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      Thanks for the quick reply. Happily, it means that my stompboxes are okay 🙂

      Look forward to the new Factorlib.



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