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      Sonic Nomad


      Since moving to Mac in the studio last year I've not continued getting my hands dirty in VSIG as I could not get a working USB to Serial interface. Also if I recall there has not been any upgrades to the feature set of vSigX for over a year and a half and it still lacks features found in the Windows version.

      I know that one solution is to runVSIG on Windows under Bootcamp. But for me this is not a solution under my current work flow.

      The thing I'm not getting is; Eventide are releasing a RTAS "controller" under OS X but don't develop VSIG on this platform. I'm not expecting Eventide to explain this.

      Just wondering if Eventide would consider the developing of VSIG for OS X if there where enough interest from users?  (I for one would pay for this.)

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