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      I went straight from a Pitch Factor to the H90 but successfully used a Boss MD500 for all of my mod effects. If the brilliant H90 hadn’t come along and given me so many more options in a single pedal I would still be using the MD500. I managed to get passable Univibe, Phase 90 and classic flanger sounds from it.

      I bought my H90 some months back, spent an age doing initial set up and then just wanted to enjoy it.

      Fast forward and I see an MXR Phase 95 sitting there and I decided to compare. I plugged it in and was reminded about how good this unit in. Run in Phase 90/Script mode seems every bit as good as how I remember my old MXR script pedal to be.

      So how did the Phase 90 preset I had based in the Phaser algorithm compare? Well to my ears not very good. I had it set to 4 stages Phase X0 mode and no matter what I did I couldn’t recreate the complexity and, more importantly, playing enjoyment of the actual pedal. It just sounds really crude and lacking that wide frequency range swirl. It could have ended there but I decided to make a completely new preset based on the Instant Phaser. Wow, what a difference. Set to Shallow, in this case I have found it hard to get a bad sound. To make it closer to the pedal I have dialled the mix back to 95 and dialled output gain to -3db.

      Now I’m happy I can put the MXR back in the box I’m wondering why things turned out as they did. Is the Phaser algorithm a legacy of the H9 where there was simply not enough processing power? Whatever the reason I wont be rushing to go back to it. Same with the Instant Flanger. I can get that to do anything. So again well done team for creating the H90 and thanks for that new Poly flex algorithm. That was a great surprise.

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      I think the OG Phaser & Flanger still have the advantages, especially with Types selections.  I never used XO for a 90 emulation (too noisy; stuck with 4 stage Positive).  And the Flanger Types also fit some situations uniquely, in the way they’re routed.

      But I agree:  I am totally enamored by the new Instant offerings.  I had the good fortune to use the Instant Phaser rack unit at one point.  And I have been chasing that sound ever since.  The H90 version … nailed it.

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      Oh, thanks for sharing your experience! I slimmed down my board to EP Booster, OCD, H90 and TONEX and my Phase95 doesn’t have room anymore. I was really struggling with the Phaser algo, so I’m looking forward to trying out your suggested Instant Phaser settings.

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      If you’re going for that Phase 90 mildness, simpler may be better (the Phaser algo).  I have an ancient Program uploaded, but it’s paired with Flanger in Series for some additional complexity.  Maybe you can try some settings like this (on the right side).

      Not much to it.  4 Stages, Positive Type, 50:50 Depth, Triangle Shape.  If I recall, Speed would be accurate in the range of around 0.10 – 8.25 Hz.  Zero out the remaining parameters.


      Not much to it.  Back off the Intensity, 4 Stages (or 2 Stages for a 45), Positive Type.  50:50 Depth, Triangle Shape.  If I recall, Speed would be accurate in the range of around 0.10 – 8.25 Hz.  Tie it to a HoKnob adjustment.  Zero out the remaining parameters.

      <span style=”font-size: inherit;”>For added complexity & cancellations, copy Preset A into Preset B – in Series or Parallel – then very slightly vary the Intensity, Speed, Depth. Come too think of it, TriceraChorus has a great stereo phaser {SWIRL ON}, but I don’t hear it as being in the Phase 90 vein</span>

      <span style=”font-size: inherit;”>I imagine you can can also close with Instant Phaser.  It kind of has its own thing going on, but it’s worth a shot.  In fact, I’m inspired now to mix degrees of Phaser & Instant Phaser together, and see what pops up.</span>

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        Wow, thank you so much, @brock! 🙂

        Can’t wait to try out your settings tomorrow during daylight, when I’m allowed to make noise again. I’ll fiddle around with the settings.



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      oh very cool!!

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