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      I went straight from a Pitch Factor to the H90 but successfully used a Boss MD500 for all of my mod effects. If the brilliant H90 hadn’t come along and given me so many more options in a single pedal I would still be using the MD500. I managed to get passable Univibe, Phase 90 and classic flanger sounds from it.

      I bought my H90 some months back, spent an age doing initial set up and then just wanted to enjoy it.

      Fast forward and I see an MXR Phase 95 sitting there and I decided to compare. I plugged it in and was reminded about how good this unit in. Run in Phase 90/Script mode seems every bit as good as how I remember my old MXR script pedal to be.

      So how did the Phase 90 preset I had based in the Phaser algorithm compare? Well to my ears not very good. I had it set to 4 stages Phase X0 mode and no matter what I did I couldn’t recreate the complexity and, more importantly, playing enjoyment of the actual pedal. It just sounds really crude and lacking that wide frequency range swirl. It could have ended there but I decided to make a completely new preset based on the Instant Phaser. Wow, what a difference. Set to Shallow, in this case I have found it hard to get a bad sound. To make it closer to the pedal I have dialled the mix back to 95 and dialled output gain to -3db.

      Now I’m happy I can put the MXR back in the box I’m wondering why things turned out as they did. Is the Phaser algorithm a legacy of the H9 where there was simply not enough processing power? Whatever the reason I wont be rushing to go back to it. Same with the Instant Flanger. I can get that to do anything. So again well done team for creating the H90 and thanks for that new Poly flex algorithm. That was a great surprise.

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      I think the OG Phaser & Flanger still have the advantages, especially with Types selections.  I never used XO for a 90 emulation (too noisy; stuck with 4 stage Positive).  And the Flanger Types also fit some situations uniquely, in the way they’re routed.

      But I agree:  I am totally enamored by the new Instant offerings.  I had the good fortune to use the Instant Phaser rack unit at one point.  And I have been chasing that sound ever since.  The H90 version … nailed it.

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