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      How can I quickly change the Program Receive Map to align 1 to 1, 2 to 2, 3 to 3 ,…?  

      Frustrating that vendors cannot standardize on starting with a MIDI 0 or a MIDI 1.  Not b*itching at Eventide but looking for a clean way to align my H9s to my Basilisk without taking forever to manual move them individually, at four mouse clicks per Preset (times 99 presets, time 2 H9s…ugh).

      Also, an older thread said Preset Lists can be manipulated by manually editing the JSON file.  Well, I use a Mac and cannot locate said file.  Any hints are appreciated.

      I posted earlier today about how to “freeze” the Preset Lists so they don’t move with every addition and deletion.  I need things to stay in place and aligned numerically between devices or my head will explode.

      All told, the MIDI side of this frustrating….and don’t get me started with the Basilisk user manual…OMG.  Worse than the JOYO PXL Live manual, if that was possible!   Thank God for users on YouTube!  🙂



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      The preset list source files can be found at /Users/yourUsername/Library/H9 Control/PresetLists/

      Regarding MIDI PC mappings, maybe it's easier to change on the unit in the settings menu:

      Press and hold the right footswitch + HOTKNOB -> MIDI -> RCV.MAP

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      use the android app. 

      Do it from the couch. 

      It is literally the worst. 

      PC 0 should have been the tuner.

      Obviously they cant change it now 🙂

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