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      Hello good folks!

      I'm going through a bit of a learning curve but nothing too rough.  I am using a Ground Control to keep my effects in racks, and control all of the effects, amp settings and amp routing.  I am controlling 3 separate H9's via their own IA button – which sends a CC message '2' to each device. Three buttons, sending CC2 and device name to each H9.   Each H9 is set to bypass on 2. 

      The buttons work – they bypass each H9 perfectly.  The only thing is my eyeballhearing general logic set is flawed and I would like the LED lamps to be on when the H9 is active and off when it is inactive.

      That said, is there a way to reverse the incoming controller value on the H9 or setup the GCP so that it reverses the light logic?  When you think about it – the H9 is responding correctly in that BYPASS is true and the resulting lamp on the GCP is also true.  But its a bit confusing to remember light off is H9 effects on and light on is H9 effects off. 

      Thanks in advance!

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      Hi L,

      Unfortunately, there’s nothing implemented in the H9 that will allow a user to reverse the light functionality. I am not sure that it can be done on the Ground Control either. From what you wrote, you have GC sending ‘2’ to bypass the H9 units, which turns the LED on GC “on” and the LED on H9 “off”, correct?

      Have you tried programming GC to just toggle the H9 between Active and Bypass? I’m thinking, if you press GC and the LED lights up indicated H9 is on, maybe that’s one way of the LED’s on both units inticating ACTIVE. You’ll have to change the destination of your CC to the [TOG] parameter in RCV.CTL as indicated on pages 35 – 36. You’ll also have to decide what mode the H9’s bypass in (DSP, RELAY, DSP+FX). Granted, this is me trying to visualize what’s going on without the units in front of me. Maybe this works.

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