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      Just got my H9 today and I can't get it to work with the iOS app.

      It connected via USB to my Mac just fine and I was able to update the pedal's software and redeem a free algorithm, but for whatever reason I can't make it work on my iPhone.

      I've read a lot of people having issues with Bluetooth, but mine seems to pair fine. Both blue LEDs are lit. However, when I launch the app (or it launches itself) the "paired" LED goes out and flickers and the app keeps telling me it's disconnected and I get stuck in this loop of the app relaunching over and over again even when I go to the home screen and quit the app.

      I tried deleting the app to see if the Bluetooth LEDs would flicker at all without H9 Control launching, and they don't. Solid blue LEDs. Reinstalled H9 Control…no such luck.

      I have the latest version of iOS (7.1) on my iPhone 4S and the latest firmware for the H9, but it might be worth mentioning that I tried this before updating the firmware and had the same exact issue. Please help!

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      Could you copy and paste your forum post into an email to support@eventide.com?  We need to track issues like this, and by emailing support, it goes into our support system.

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      Just sent the email. I'm really hoping this is just a software bug. H9 Control still has an iOS 6 look to it after all.

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