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      I am running my H9 into the fx loop of an Avid 11R. Windows 10 Pro on the PC.  Routinely, I have the mini usb connecting the H9 to the PC and one midi cable from the  MIDI Out (11R) into the MIDI In of the H9  when I am programming, which is what I am trying to do now in time fo an upcoming tour.


      ABout half the time, when I am starting H9 Control, it does not even find the H9 and I am offered the opportunity to choose a way for COntrol to find my H9.  This method does not help very much becuase once it does find my H9   all possible algorthms are highlighted and I know trying to work with it in this state will only cause me more anguish.


      When I am lucky enough to reboot my H9 and to have Control find it on the first try, what usually happens next is that within about 5 minutes I get a message that tells me the program has stopped and I must now close it.  Most of the time this leads to a complete reboot of my PC.  I cannot work this way. Please tell me why it is stopping all the time so maybe I can fix this. Thanks jon-michael.

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      This might help:

      • Open Control Panel – Device Manager.
      • Expand the ‘Universal Serial Bus controllers’ tree.
      • Double-click ‘USB Root Hub’.
      • Select the Properties tab.
      • Uncheck ‘Allow this computer to turn off the device to save power’.
      • Confirm the change, and repeat for any other ‘USB Root Hub’.

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      Thank you so very much for th suggestion. I have opened up  the OS per your instructions and found about ten or so references to devices that had been told to go into PowerSaving mode and I have unchecked all of these boxes. I will be setting up my equipmnet later today to see how this affects the problem. Again, thanks.  This is the professional  attention one would expect from a company such as Eventide. You are a credit to the company.  

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