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      The good news is that H9 Control 1.5.1 see's my Timefactor upon bootup but wants to update the TF firmware to 4.5 or later.

      If I say go ahead and do that, the Control software can not find the TF firmware update.

      Probably means it's not released yet? When? Can I get a beta copy?

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      We haven't released a TimeFactor update. My colleague, Russ, has been busy hammering away on an improved Looper, and he's been making great progress on that. But we're still a while away from having a beta ready.

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      Well, my Timefactor is setting on the floor sandwiched between two H9's and still feeling pretty left field.

      The Rang III is parked at the end of the chain feeling pretty secure.

      All I'm really looking for is compatibility with the Control software for the Timefactor.

      Know that there's a lot of guys looking for the looper but maybe you could do a pre-release sans looper?

      But hey…. no pressure.

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      Is there currently or is there going to be a reverse on the looper? 

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      Eventide Staff

      Yes there will be reverse in looper, it's a bit behind schedule (we had said April, and it's May 1st).  I'm hoping to be finished with it in the next few weeks.  At that time we'll go to beta with the new looper and the H9 Control-ability of TimeFactor.  

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      Awesome! Just glad to get it!

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