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      Hey there,

      i love the H9. Outstanding soundquality and very nice concept.

      But one thing i really miss is a VST-option for the Control App. Controlling

      the algorithms directly in the daw, using automation and – of course – total

      recall for the projects/session… that would be just awesom!! And should be a nice

      selling point for all the homerecording-geeks! 😉 

      Just my 2 cents. What do you think about this?

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      We've talked about it, and we'd like to do it.  But just like with other things we've talked about and would like to do, we don't have enough people to be able to work on this right now.  Hopefully, we will get to this though even if not in the immediate future.

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      Have you considered making H9 Control open source (obviously not the algorithms themselves)?

      That way some bright spark(s) with the necessary expertise and time might be willing to write a VST plugin and/or Android app for you/us?

      This is reminiscent of what Strymon did when they didn’t have the resources needed: they released source code for their preset librarian software and a community-minded programmer then put the time into building a valuable software controller for their big boxes.

      I realise there might be issues surrounding in-app purchasing etc., and concerns regarding quality control/brand protection.

      Just a thought.

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      Hi Adam! 

      Are you on Ableton? I made this rack with some Max4Live devices, which you can use for controlling the H9. It’s got a preset selector (with labels) and every algoritm is labeled with the appropiate knob-name. If you are interested, you can get it here: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/6071047/H9_MidiSetup_Ableton.zip


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      VST would be fantastic 🙂 although basic midi applications allow automation and program changes to be recorded in a DAW and transmitted to the H9.. That is how I use mine, every project has its own midi track called H9, so every effect is recalled instantly, etc. 

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      No News regarding this Plug in project. Just bought a H9 MAX, which I love, but a VST version of the control app would make me buy 3 of them !


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      +1 would love this feature!

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      Eventide Staff
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      I would buy a third H9 for sure if there was such VST plugin.

      If i resume : you don’t have the time or the people to work on a H9 VST, but someone “alone” made it for free on Ableton max4 Live (you could even use his work haha, if vst and max4live were of the same structure, which i doubt)

      i understand it is SO MUCH MORE bankable to keep seperated your H9 Market (no Line input/output, no plugin) and your EVENTIDE Algo plugin Market. nearly twice the potential keeping them unlinked/parallel. or i may just don’t understand a vision and its strategies neither.

      sorry i’m a french gilet jaune 😉 i go back to jail 🙂

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      Vst version would be great. 

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