H9 & Disaster Area DMC-4 Gen2 midi controller problems

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      I think you may need to have someone look at your setup. If neither H9 will learn the DMC buttons, that suggests that either you have a cabling/connection issue, or that there is a problem with the setup or hardware of the DMC.

      The facts that the DMC may be faulty and has been in storage for 6 months may be connected. If you could test it with other equipment or borrow another one, you might learn something. I could believe one faulty H9 but probably not two.


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      hello—i have 2 Eventide H9’s i am trying to control with a Disaster Area DMC-4 Gen2 (that i bought new but has been in storage for the past 6 months and i never used it yet) — i followed the directions that came with the dmc to the T — i put in all the cc’s and entered all the cc’s and setting into the h9’s no problem..but the end result is nothing…i can’t get it to change anything (not scrolling algorithms or preset changes… nada!


      The cable is going out of the dmc into the “in” jack on the first h9 (set to thru)–then another cable is going out of the “out/thru” jack of the first h9 and into the “in” jack of the second one (also set to thru)


      I thought it might be the firmware on the dmc-4 gen2 but trying to get that to work is next to impossible on windows 10 i think because of the drivers that windows automatically uses and will not accept disaster’s ones.


      I have put the settings in using both the H9 Control software interface as well on the pedals themselves…and something else i noticed is that the h9’s will not learn any button pushed on the dmc.


      I also took away the second h9 and tried to make it work on just one h9 and still the same results of nothing…


      Cables have been checked as working (they are new).


      i have spent hours and hours trying every possible thing i could think of to get this to work—so ANY help with this would be VERY much appreciated.





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      Hi there!

      Did you check that both H9s are set to receive on the appropriate MIDI channel? I don’t know if that was mentioned in the directions for the DMC-4 Gen2.

      My Disaster Area controller (DPC-8EZ) is hard-programmed to output on a particular channel. If that’s true for your DMC-4 Gen2, then it should say somewhere in the manual.

      Either way, setting the MIDI Channel to ‘omni’ might produce some sort of response, even if it’s not what you want (my DPC-8EZ outputs additional messages on another channel that confuse the H9 when set to ‘omni’).

      You can check/set the MIDI channel in the H9 Control app under Pedal/MIDI Settings/MIDI Channel. Possible settings are “off”, “omni”, or channel 1 – 16.

      Good luck!

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      hello–thank you so much for your help in these matters..as it turns out i emailed disaster area and they told me to just send the gen 2 back to them and they would get me a gen 3 —WHICH IS AWESEOME!…so i still have hope..you are right abou tthe hard encoded channels on the gen2…and i did try the omni deal—to avail  ; (…but hopefully this will take care of my problem—i will wait an see  : )—


      thanks again to the both of you who chimed in to try and help me.

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